take a bite

return to campus: PJ FRIDAY!

As a reminder, all employees must return to Eden's campus this month. We know, working from home has it's certain quirks. That's why in February, we're introducing PJ Fridays! Come to the office in your favorite jammies and bring the comfort of your home into the office. Trust us, it will be like you never came back!

thought opportunity: mythology in tech

Join our Chief Officer of Mythology (COM) in this 12-part series. Learn about the ancient gods of our times and how they are relevant in today's technological space. The answer may surprise you!

Note: This webinar is mandatory for all employees in Group A. Failure to attend all sessions results in an automatic ejection from the program. Don't forget! 

sweat it out with hot yoga 

Recent reports show that employees are stressed out everywhere. So we've added more fitness classes to improve your mental and physical health. 

Now available at the Eden Campus gym on Tuesdays from 5 AM - 6 AM and 12 AM - 1 AM!

We offer exclusive class times to best fit your work (and overtime) schedule. Visit our gym or use the app to sign up today!