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our ceo, akio

Youngest & Brightest CEO Award, 2022

Hottest CEO, 2022 Award 

Akio joined Eden last year and has made a huge impact in his short time with us. Not only is he responsible for several successful product launches, he has contributed massive growth to profits. 

Most of all, he knows how to transform great ideas into products that push the industry forward.

In his own words,

"When you join Eden, you not only enter a new world, you are reborn. Everything you know about the corporate world is flipped around. The future of tech lies in every employee's hands."

Although he's a bit camera shy, our humble Akio deserves more than a mention. 

At Eden, we have over 20,000 employees spread across our family of companies. We are more than just a family, we're a tight-knit community of thought leaders and innovators. 

See some of our outstanding team member's experiences below.


marketing manager 

"The company culture is the best thing about Eden! Every day I walk in, I feel at home."



"Working at Eden has been the best thing in my life. I've been interning for 5 years and have learned so much. I can't imagine working anywhere else."


tech lead

"Eden's impact on the technological space is unparalled. I love knowing that I'm making a difference every single day. Plus, I have the BEST team on the planet."